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Health Insurance Advisors Near Me St Paul MN
Health Insurance Advisors Near Me St Paul MN

Health Planned Consulting Services LLC

"I work with an array of, however not all, regional/national insurance companies and TPA's to help bring the right solutions to you. It's important to have the right insurance partners to ensure that we are evaluating the best options available in the market." 

- Steve Halvorsen


Secure your well-being with health insurance planning tailored to your specific needs.

Health Insurance Advisors Near Me St Paul MN

Employee Benefits

Tailored comprehensive benefit solutions to help recruit & retain employees while managing costs.


Navigate healthcare in retirement with our full service Medicare experience.

Individual Health

Get personalized coverage with our individual health insurance  solutions.

Long Term Care

Plan for a comfortable future with our long term care insurance solutions.

Life Insurance

Protect your loved ones' future with our life insurance options.

Health Insurance Advisors Near Me St Paul MN

Dental & Vision

Prioritize oral and visual health with our dental and vision solutions.

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While having the right insurance partner is important, it is also important that we have a plan design and cost structure that fits your needs and your budget.  Whether it's Medicare, individual health, group medical/dental, life or long term care insurance, you will receive expert consultation that's personal and unique to you.  My commitment is not just an annual review, rather, ongoing service that you can trust.

For employer benefits, we use a five-step approach to deliver best in class benefits solutions:



We start by analyzing your business, its specific needs and goals.



We then develop a tailored strategy that aligns with your business objectives.



Following strategy, we create a detailed plan that serves as a roadmap for your

benefits scheme.



We then identify the right insurance partners to execute the plan.



Finally, we employ the best tactics to roll out and manage your benefits


Our Strategy First Approach for Optimal Results = Health Planned!
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Health Planned Advisor Decision Tool

Health Planned Consulting Services LLC has developed a unique benefits decision tool designed to work with individuals and employers to help choose the most affordable insurance plans. Together, we look at your historical utilization and the fixed costs associated with various Individual or Medicare plans. From there, with help from our Health Planned Advisor Decision Tool, we can determine which plan makes the most financial sense for you.

As with all my services, unless it's a project with an agreed upon fee in advance, there are no additional costs to you. So, whether you use my services or choose to go direct to the insurance company, the premiums charged to you will be the same.

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